Using different objects may widen your horizon.

All artifacts, from fist wedge to smartphones, allow us to influence our surroundings, allow us to behave in this or in that way.


By using an object in a specific context  a tool is created, an instrument used. Its form is adjusted to its required activity.

Therefore action defines the tool.

Outside its context though a tool will turn from a useful to a useless object. If there it has no meaning and doesn‘t give a hint towards it was made for, it becomes a purely curios thing.

Doing something unfamiliar often seems outlandish and strange. Especially for the unsuspecting, ignorant observer the protagonist seems to behave in a strange way.


Now: Is it possible to support this outlandishness and to strengthen the moments curiosity?


In my diploma thesis I searched not only for tools fulfilling this purpose but also for the curious action itself.


visualising curios  behavior by playing with german proverbs


diploma project