The exhibition ‘Der blinde Fleck – Gestalterinnen am Bauhaus und heute‘ (‘The Blind Spot – Female Designers at the Bauhaus and today‘) at Designhaus Darmstadt uses the centennial of the Bauhaus’s foundation as an opportunity to focus on the often overlooked role of female designers at the legendary school as well as in the contemporary design world.



A wide range of design objects in different media, ranging from typography or photography to furniture design and architecture is shown in the exhibition, which challenged us to find a unifying architecture while also respecting the unique role of each designer. Due to the diverse nature of the works, the system we designed offers a certain degree of modularity that was adapted to the medium and dimensions of the exhibits. The simple design vocabulary was modified individually to meet each exhibit’s specific requirements and create a unique scenario. In doing so, we developed a set of wooden structures that act as a framework or anchor for the exhibits. In the form of a screen, pedestal or elevated platform, they showcase each object as well as display further information on the designers and the objects. Through the combination of design classics with contemporary icons, the relevance of women throughout the last 100 years is connected to the influence of women in creative industries today. By utilizing different visual layers and elements, viewers are encouraged to learn about a different side of the renowned Bauhaus, as well as the incredible importance of female designers today.


 “Der blinde Fleck - Gestalterinnen am Bauhaus und heute"


Exhibition design with Sebastian Sailer



Ruben Raschidi, Alex Hellis


Graphic concept:

Bureau Sandra Doeller


Curation: Cornelia Dollacker, Hessen Design e.V.



Christian Himmelspach